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Events and Guidelines... The New Standard

We're open for business for both public and private events! If you've been vaccinated, great!  

Mask rules are relaxed for you. Not vaccinated? Sorry, but mask rules still apply for you. We are currently offering virtual tours, e-meetings, and in-person visits depending on your comfort level and following all state-mandated safety guidelines. 


Want to get out and enjoy the world again? Get excited! Follow us on social media for our upcoming events.

We have taken extra precautions to make sure you and your guests will be safe. We believe in being kind and respectful to our fellow humans, and if we continue to follow the rules, we can all have nice things. So if you feel uncomfortable, or don't feel well for any reason, please stay home, and we'll see you at a future event. 


Our public events can be viewed via


Please contact for additional information and to arrange your virtual meet-up.   

In the meantime...Check back here for updates...

Stay safe, stay healthy, and if necessary, stay home... and we look forward to serving you again soon. 


Put down your pen and stand up for the view!
The Penthouse is a perfect location for sparking creativity. We have everything you need for off-site meetings, seminars, parties, and more.


Elegant and stylish, The Penthouse offers an intimate backdrop for your big day.

Our creative event planning team helps make

your life experience exceptional!


Unforgettable Experiences


There's always something happening up at
The Penthouse! We're the home of the Silent Disco and offer concerts, cocktails, and more. Sign up for our email alerts and follow us on
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. to see what's new. 

For Tickets and Information about our Upcoming Events, please visit us at: 

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